Our teaching faculty are mainly involved in the Master's degree in HCI delivered by ENAC and the school of mathematics and engineering of University of Toulouse, and in the aeronautical engineering degrees delivered by ENAC.

Research staff:

  • Anke BROCK (IHM)
  • Stéphane CONVERSY (IHM), team leader
  • Jérémie GARCIA (IHM)
  • Sébastien LERICHE (Engineering)
  • Mathieu MAGNAUDET (Engineering)
  • Célia PICARD (Engineering)
  • Daniel PRUN (Engineering)
  • Jean-Luc Vinot (IHM)
  • Catherine LETONDAL (IHM)
  • Mathieu POIRIER (research engineer)
  • Teaching staff:

  • Nicolas Saporito
  • PhD students:

  • Valentin BECQUET
  • Pascal BEGER
  • Sylvain PAUCHET
  • Camille RAYMOND