The lab's git repositories

To clone one of these trees, install git, and run:

% git clone git://<projectpath>.git

Then to switch to a given branch, run:

% cd <projectdir>
% git checkout <branchname>


Project Description Owner Last Change
linux-input/drivers.git ENAC's work on input drivers. St├ęphane Chatty 2 years ago
linux-input/hid-multitouch.git ENAC's work on hid-multitouch Benjamin Tissoires 3 years ago
linux-input/libmt-uinput.git A library for creating multito... Benjamin Tissoires 2 years ago
linux-input/mtdiag.git A mutitouch diagnostic app Simon Charvet 3 years ago
linux-input/tuiototouch.git A TUIO-kernel bridge for multi... Simon Charvet 3 years ago
linux-input/ubuntu-multitouch.git Ubuntu-specific support for... Benjamin Tissoires 13 months ago